What is sewer cleaning?

What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer cleaning . Remember the last time you cleaned your sewer with the help of Αποφράξεις Πειραιά? Most if not all know that the best way to avoid damage to the sewer is to clean it relatively often. This way you will not have to worry about the proper functioning of the sewer or its costly repairs.

Indications of problem or clocked sewerage

Various signs warn us that something is wrong with the sewer. It is good if we suspect something and confirm it, to take immediate care of the restoration. The problem has to be addressed when it is still small as sewer repairs are quite expensive.

Strange sounds coming from the pipes

One of the main signs of a clogged sewer is some low-pitched sounds coming out of the pipes. If they are recurring then clogging is required as the pipes cannot drain the liquids smoothly and any obstructions found inside them.

Unpleasant odors that come from rotten objects inside the tube

Food residues mainly but also what is left in the sink from time to time from the preparation of food accumulate and over time deteriorate. The odors emerge towards the only outlet which is the drain hole since the pipe is clogged.

Slow flow of water

When you realize that the water is not draining from the sink, bathtub or sink at the usual speed you knew then it is suspected that a plug is being prepared. If slow drainage persists or you notice that the drainage rate decreases even more then the blockage is imperative as soon as possible so that the pipes do not become completely clogged.

Return of water

We have all been lucky enough to see water coming out of the siphon grille on the bathroom floor. This is a sign that the pipes are not completely free to let the water go which inevitably overflows and comes out wherever it finds a way out.


Moisture marks on the walls from damaged drainage due to leakage or overflow of clogged drainage from adjacent apartments. Appearance of mold which is the next stage of humidity which may be accompanied by a bad odor.

Appearance of mice or cockroaches

When a drain is damaged or cracked then it becomes an easy entry point for mice and cockroaches.

What causes sewer clocks?

Blockage of the drain pipe can be caused by various objects that often end up in the drain pipes. Such as hair, fats, soap residues, foods, papers, tree roots. In many cases, however, the pipe can become clogged with objects that many of us throw in, thinking that they can break. Such items include baby wipes, diapers, sanitary napkins and, most commonly, toilet paper.

Residues of food and their preparation materials burden the sewer considerably if they remain in the sink. The little toys that children throw, either playing or accidentally, also have their share of responsibility. Finally, there is always the possibility that p

Problems have arisen due to a defective or damaged pipe. In these cases we can not do many things alone and it is good to call a specialist.

Is sewer cleaning necessary?

Every day various objects pass through our ducts. Many of them such as food fats, papers and grease should not end up in the sewer pipes. Thus, all these objects can accumulate in wells and pipes which they will clog after a short time. The same items may be accompanied by minerals. That is, mainly human waste and water, but also from other types of materials such as mud, stones and tree roots that managed to find a place inside the pipelines.

All of these reasons can cause minor as well as serious problems in your pipes or sewer system. If these substances accumulate frequently then recurrent blockages may occur. In any case, you must check the pipes, otherwise you will be faced with the overflow of the drains and with damages that will require immediate repair or replacement of the pipes.

Professional sewer cleaning

If you ever have problems with the sewer system or clogged wells then professional sewer cleaning may be the only way to solve the problem. Our drainage experts are available to clean your pipes without being overwhelmed by the size of the problem. Our technicians are fully trained and have the appropriate experience and knowledge to deal with any kind of problem.

If your problem is clogged drains, then this is an indication that they need to be cleaned. It is the only way that can guarantee that the pipes and wells will work properly, transporting water and sewage properly. On the contrary, if your problem is more complicated, we have the appropriate know-how and equipment to deal with the problem.

Sewer cleaning procedure

As soon as the sewer technician arrives at your place, the first thing he will do is look for the cause of the problem. If the problem is serious enough and the cause of the problem is not obvious then we can perform a sewer check using a special camera to find the cause of the problem. This equipment is designed to measure distance and location, allowing the technician to solve the problem more efficiently. In internal pipes located below the ground we use electromechanical equipment in combination with high pressure water jet.

This way we can unblock and clean the drain, ensuring that it stays clean. Is like learning to ride a bicycle, when you learn it you never forget it!

Through the method of water blasting we can safely remove all obstacles from your sewer. This is a method of cleaning wells and pipes using high pressure water. This method can break down any sewage and obstructions in the sewer line.

Water, thanks to pressure, acts as a cutting tool, cutting objects such as tree roots and organic debris. This method can clean up even the mud on the walls of the pipes. So the water flow returns to normal and the wastewater normally ends up in the sewer system.

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