What Do Erogenous Zones Do?


The big question now is: but if the erogenous zones are not magic buttons that could trigger a woman’s orgasm as if by remote control, what do they do? Well, the answer is: they are magic buttons, but their primary function is to get the woman ready for sex. With the right kind of foreplay any man can get a woman sizzling and ready for an orgasm within a couple of minutes from penetration.

Women don’t need long sex sessions in order to achieve orgasm. Not if they are properly warmed up, that is. Problem is that not many men can be bothered to take their time and get women aroused before sex. Most of them think that they don’t have to do much, like they visit an athens escort or athens escorts. This is a big mistake. The whole purpose of erogenous zones, as far as we’re concerned, is to enhance the state of arousal in preparation for the main course.

Just think about the difference between a woman who was rushed to the intercourse part of the show and is lying on her back thinking about laundry or shopping while the man is huffing and puffing on top. Compare this with a woman who has gone through romance and foreplay and is ready to tear the clothes off the man.

Instant action is great for men who don’t worry about what the ladies think or who are simply not aware that anything else exists in this world. But good sex is more than that. Foreplay and a good stimulation of the erogenous zones will score you points with the ladies who always note the skills of their lovers.

The simple fact that you go the extra mile in order to make sure that the lady gets a lot of pleasure from the encounter is likely to make her come back for more time and again. Or it might be enough to convince her that a relationship with such a guy is a good idea. The basic idea is take the time to go beyond kisses, breast fondling and intercourse.

Nibble lightly on her ear, kiss her neck stroke the back of her knees and lick the inner part of her thighs before going down on her. Don’t focus on what you like to the exclusion of everything else. Try to see what she likes as well. Even if you’re good at oral sex and think that she’s bound to like a man who goes down on her, you should still pause to nuzzle her ankles and caress her buttocks while playing with her breasts.

Stimulating the erogenous zones is a way of making love to her entire body. It takes longer than instant action, but you’ll never see a look of boredom on her face. She may start to groan in frustration or she may beg you to stop teasing, but she won’t turn her back and pretend a headache. This is the only way to make a woman want more and more sex with you. Even an athens escort or athens escorts, who work as professionals could not resist of a man’s expert hands.

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