The most popular types of house roofing today


When building a house, such an important detail of the whole construction, as the roofing, is of great importance for the aesthetic perception of the building and protection from unpleasant weather conditions.

The most different types of roof, depending on the forms – factor, type, size, as well as design features require appropriate building materials and complex load calculations on various elements of the roof structure.

Flat roof

Previously, in private homes, flat roofs were not popular. But recently, the interest in flat roofs has grown again and is in the field of modern architects and designers. Flat roofs have unique features thanks to their flat surface. On such a roof you can create a flower garden, organize a sports field or a small pool. This solution is especially good for areas with hot climates.

There are many different types of awnings, but transparent glass constructions are especially attractive. They provide extra light in the upper rooms of your house, you can use special lights for night lighting. And here you can find a great place for solar panels and water heaters, if needed.

The advantages of flat roofs include the low construction cost, as the cost is reduced due to the reduction of the total roof area and the absence of complex beam constructions.

Many do not dare to build such roofs, fearing problems with the drainage system. But do not be afraid of this, the drainage device from a flat roof is not more difficult to perform than creating storm sewers. And the roof itself should have a small, slightly noticeable slope, so that the water that seems to be able to drain into the sewer systems. Gutters are usually placed outside and inside the house.

Many find it convenient to combine sewers with the internal sewer of a building, but do not forget to take into account the rainfall in your area.

Disadvantages of a flat roof include a problem with thermal insulation. It is difficult to deal with strong home heating in the hot season, but it is not difficult to create a cold protection system (as in the attic variant).

If on the sloping roof the “heat exchanger” is an attic, then in a house with a flat roof you have to create it in a special way.

The main thing is to know that between the roof of the rooms for housing and the roof of the roof there must be ventilation, in any form. Create a small ventilated attic or special vents that are best located under the roofing material.

Insulated roof or sloping roof

Also applies to roofs with sloping lines. These contractions increase the size and volume of the attic, commonly called the attic. The pentagonal shape of the roof attic blocks attracts the eyes of almost all passers-by. To build such a roof is not very difficult. However, during construction, it is unlikely to do without heating your attic.

The cost of the roof is about 15 to 20% of the total construction cost of the whole house. Creating an attic under the roof is the most economical option for obtaining additional space.

Therefore, it is very advisable to slightly increase the cost of the attic, which will give you another full floor. And there you can arrange summer bedrooms and living rooms for small family members and for guests.

But why does the attic increase the cost compared to building a simple attic? This, of course, is related to the need to insulate the roof, living rooms require this.

Additional injections will be required and due to the inevitable complication of the roof structure with the attic, there can be no strings and stretch marks to be placed in the living rooms. For these purposes, and came with this shape of the roof (in the form of an attic) with braces and shelves above the ceiling of houses.

Roof with an attic

The presence of the attic makes it necessary to place a layer of thermal insulation under the roof and therefore there is a multilayer roof. The heat-insulating material with inner lining is usually attached to the beams (on the inner side), and from the outside, a box is installed and a direct roof cover is installed.

In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the beam structures due to the multilayer roof. This can be done by increasing the number of beams, while reducing the distance between them. The use of beam structures can be considered a successful solution to this problem.

When choosing a roof and its type, all factors must be taken into account. Not only do you look at the features of the service or other practical parameters, but it is also worth considering what kind of appearance and shape your roof will have in terms of aesthetics and artistic value.

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