The Advantages of E-mail Marketing


There are many options available to those who want to try an online marketing campaign. These include Google AdSense, article marketing, link building, SEO compaign and e-mail marketing.

The different options have pros and cons that you should weigh against each other carefully before settling for one method. E-mail marketing is a very popular choice because of its advantages over other methods of online marketing.

The greatest advantage of e-mail marketing is that you have a targeted audience. This means you will only target those who are likely to make a purchase and so the conversion rate is likely to be higher. You are able to have a targeted audience because you will use a mailing list that will be made based on your specific requirements. You will be able to select the target audience based on the age, the income, the geography, and many other relevant parameters.

There are cost benefits with e-mail marketing too. With other online marketing methods such as Google AdSense, you have to pay whenever someone clicks on your advert. With other methods such as link exchanges, you have to do something for the partner site for the campaign to work. However, you do not spend anything, directly or indirectly, with e-mail marketing.

With e-mail marketing, you get measurable results. This is because there are tools to measure the conversion rate, the click-through rate, responses to your e-mails, and complaints. This data is important because it helps you know what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. The e-mails will have opt-in and opt-out options – these will help you shortlist your prospects so that you can reach only the ones who are interested. With other online marketing methods, there is a risk of distorted data since some people will click on your advert when they are not interested.

E-mail marketing is personalized because you can include a greeting, you can include the recipients name, and you can send season greetings cards during the holidays. Many potential clients appreciate this and it forms a bond with the prospects. Most of the other online marketing methods are not personalized at all.

E-mail marketing is interactive. You can initiate the campaign however you feel fit and you can include whatever you think the recipients will like. You can have videos, graphics, music, games, and other things that are likely to grab the attention of your prospects. You get feedback from your prospects. This is important in determining what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. You can also ask for comments, advice, and any input that may help market your product better.

Other advantages of e-mail marketing that also apply to other online marketing methods are the ability to do online marketing around the clock, global reach, convenience, anonymity, and faster response. Note that your online marketing campaign will be more successful if you use more than one online marketing method.

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