Six Things You Might Not Know About Haute Couture!


Once again in Paris, Fashion Week of Haute Couture is taking place, which is of particular importance both for the creators involved and for the people who love fashion and art.

We will not lie, the things we have seen so far have not been excited. But like every time, we are sure that the Houses are hiding a few surprises and in the end we will stay open mouth.

Like we do most of times, especially with John Galliano‘s designs. Haute Couture is a special piece of fashion Brands and has a place in our heart.

For all of you who want to know more about this beloved creative work – and not just – called Haute Couture, we have prepared a small list of information you may not have heard again.

So, do not forget what Galliano said once… “Fashion is above all an art of change.”




It is not possible for all Houses to participate in this Fashion Week. To have this right you must have got this title from Federation Françoise de la Couture.

To do this, he must have a workshop in Paris with at least 20 employees, and he should be able to present two collections in the year – one in January and one in July – should have been produced there and be Haute Couture.


All clothes are hand-made. You may have seen videos that are on the internet and show the production process of clothing and haberdashery accessories.

If so, you will find that many hours of work are required and special mastery, like our beloved Galliano has to achieve the end result.


Haute Couture1


The cost of getting a piece of Haute Couture is rather prohibitive. Daywear starts at around 10.000€, while dresses made for red carpet impressions each cost a small fortune.

This is due to the many hours mentioned above, but also to the very expensive materials used in terms of fabrics as well as decorative elements.


These clothes may be very important, and those who love fashion but also for the Houses themselves, but are directed to a very small audience.

Of course, this is mainly due to the very high cost and also because most creators do not accept to sell Haute Couture to anyone.

Besides, all these pieces are presented at fashion shows and then mostly made to order. The customers who invest in them do not exceed around 2000 in the world by year.


Haute Couture


If you watch Haute Couture shows you will find that they do not obey to trends. The truth is that it is a good opportunity for designers to release and make real artworks, although in recent years we have seen their collections become more and more wearable.


Most businesses are losing out of these clothes, as sales never bring back the money spent on the materials, but also the hours that creative groups have had to work to complete these collections.

Nevertheless, they continue to produce Haute Couture because they are a way to differentiate themselves from others – and as we have said the trends are virtually non-existent – but also to preserve their prestige.


John Galliano has already made his mark on Haute Couture… the window of Paris’s most prestigious fashion showcase. He is a man of special talent!


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