How to return a rental car in Santorini


How to return a rental car in Santorini

If it is your first time renting a car – Santorini car rental– and you are anxious about the whole procedure, we can help you understand it and be more comfortable when returning a car. Picking the car up is easy, having fun around the island is very exciting too, but if you wish to learn more things about how to return a rental car, then you should keep reading.


First-time car rentals can become a tedious and long procedure for young people who are travelling to the Greek islands. Santorini is a big and popular island of Greece, where many tourists spend their summer vacation.

It can become quite difficult to understand the process of renting a car and sometimes this leads to extra costs and stress for the people who rent the car. If you wish to find out more about how to return a rental car, keep reading.

  1. Read your contract

When signing a contract you should always read it, and we are dure that you have heard this sentence coming out of your parents’ mouth. Read the total pages of the contract including the fine letters at the bottom. There are always things and extra charges hidden there, and you had better be safe than sorry.

In the contract, the company must state clearly the time and place of the car’s drop off. If you have any preferences about the drop off, you should mention it before you submit the contract. You can always change the place and make arrangements about the time of the drop off too.

Just make sure to have an official statement from the car rental company, that states the reason of the change and has a signature from an employee on it.

  1. Before renting, inspect it

Always inspect the rental car before getting it on your hands. It might seem simple but it is not. Scratches and dents that already exist on the car could be pinned on you during the drop off. But there is a way that you can avoid that.

When you are going to pick your car up or have it delivered, you can take a good 10 minutes to inspect it thoroughly. It is completely normal and no one will tell you off for doing that. Some car rental companies can pin previous damage on the next people who rent the car and charge them extra at the time they deliver it back.

How to return a rental car in Santorini

If your car has any visible damage, let an employee know it and have them give you a document that states their knowledge about the scratches. This way you will be covered in case they try to scam you.

It will save you a ton of money at the drop off of the rental car so you should totally do it.

  1. Keep your car clean

This one is quite obvious on the how to return a rental car list but we will mention it anyway. Keeping your rental car clean is a must-do for every person who decides to rent a vehicle. The car rental company

  1. In case something happens, report it as soon as possible

If you happen to have an accident of any kind while you are on vacation with your rental car, make sure to report it right away. Especially if it was not your fault and the insurance company is in favor of you, just make a call and inform the car rental company about it.

They will probably be okay with it as soon as you have booked the insurance pack and they will not charge you extra. Please do not try to hide a major damage from them as they have your personal information and they can track you down even after you have dropped your car of.

And if this happens, you will not be able to get away with it. Just follow the rules and you will be fine.

  1. Stay away from dangerous tracks

Any dangerous track or any off road route can lead to major damage of the car and its mechanic or electronic parts. If you wish to stay away from extra charges make sure to not go off road and destroy the rented car.

  1. Return the extra equipment

The extra equipment that you have borrowed from the car rental company like a GPS for example, should be fully functional and returned at the time that you will return your car too. If something is broken or missing, the car company will take the necessary measures which are usually extra charges at the drop off.

  1. Cleaning fees

Your car should be clean by the time you drop it off. By clean we do not mean a car wash as it is not obligatory by the majority of companies, but it should be superficially clean. Take all of your garbage out and make sure that you haven’t stained it. This way you will not be charged with cleaning fees.

  1. Be punctual

You will have nothing to fear in case you are punctual. The time and place of the drop off are clearly stated on the contract of your car rental company in Santorini. If not, you should look them up on the internet and find the agreement online.

The car rental companies in Santorini are charging you from the minute you take your car and move on 24 hours for each day that passes. So if for example your car was delivered at 11:40 on a Saturday and you need the car for a day then you need to drop it off by 11:39 on Sunday.


Car rental companies will start by charging you 25% of the daily fares of you are not on time and then the price goes up gradually. Please save yourself money and deliver the car on time. And remember that everything is in the contract!

Enjoy your vacation!

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