How to look elegant on a budget


If you are a real girl and you live in the real conditions of today, keeping your style – γυναικεία ρούχα – fresh and fun is probably a challenge. That’s why high & low style is the only way to dress elegantly, now. If you do not know the term, this is the name of the style that combines high quality and usually expensive or high fashion pieces with lower quality, fast fashion clothes and accessories.

If it sounds complicated, here are the most important and easy rules to achieve it without any failure in your style. Discover them below.

Invest in timeless pieces

Examine your personal style and identify the pieces you wear more than any other. Whether it’s jeans or a suit or skirts and tops, for example, aim to get some of them gradually but with high quality and excellent design. They will make their money, believe us.

Do not invest in the trends of the season

As much as you love the trends of the season, do not buy expensive pieces based on them and you will probably hardly wear them in a year from now. Instead, try to adopt the trends that suit you by acquiring financial pieces. Whichever of these you end up wearing very often for an entire season, to the point that they are integrated into your personal style, you can consider them an investment and get them in even better quality.

Find the pieces that look expensive

Even in the chains with cheap clothes and accessories, there are pieces that look expensive and are well made. These are the only ones that deserve your attention as they guarantee an elegant result every time you wear them. On the contrary, a very poor quality product that looks cheap, will spoil any look with no matter how good pieces you combine it.

Add your own touch

Always keep in mind that you do not need to wear the clothes as you got them from the store. As long as they look expensive, you can modify them, change the belts and buttons until the result looks even more expensive and special.

Avoid imitations

The most basic rule of all is to avoid imitations! And of course we do not mean the pieces inspired by counterparts on the catwalk, but those that mimic the design, the pattern, the material of specific statement pieces, something that happens widely with accessories. The result, when you choose something like this, will automatically look cheaper on the trained eye.

One last tip for guaranteed elegance is to invest in special pieces that look expensive, to avoid brand logos and to compose monochrome looks for the cases where you want to look really well-dressed.

Know your number and your style

If you know well what suits you and what numbers you wear in each outfit, you will always make the right choices. On most pages you will find detailed descriptions of clothes and a guide to the numbers. Always read the details before you decide to buy something!

Do not shop when you are upset

You work under emotional load and you can put in your basket a lot of things that are useless to you and will just make you feel a little better the minute you take them. When you decide to shop, either online or in a store, you have to go according to plan.

Have a specific budget

Otherwise you will find yourself loading your credit without having any idea when you will repay it. Aim each month to set aside a certain amount for your shopping. You can buy something every month (so that you are not repulsed) or save money and place a large order, enjoy it bro!

 Always read the “return policy”

You should never skip this step. Each online store has its own policy regarding purchases and returns. If something does not work for you or does not work for you, can you easily get it back and get your money back?

Shop only from secure sites

Initially you want your personal information to be protected. Something very important when we do online shopping and give sensitive information. Then you want your parcel to definitely come to you and not be found somewhere in Kuala Lumpur for example, I say now. So, choose very carefully the sites from which you will make your purchases.

Buy clothes and shoes from fabrics that you are sure of how they look

Cotton clothes and mako t-shirts for example are safe choices. The snake printed leather pants that you found on offer may not be the best. Always keep in mind that there is a case where the product is not as shown in the photos.

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