How to become an expert on foreplay


For a man, oral sex is the most important thing a woman has to offer him,  according to Athens Escorts, starting from foreplay, while research has shown that when the opposite sex does not enjoy it as much as he would like from his partner or not at all, then is more likely to believe.

Several years ago oral sex was a “taboo” topic for society, but that has changed for a long time. Oral love is now much more openly discussed in movies, on TV, in magazines, and even in private conversations between friends. There are, however, many other things that most people do not know about oral sex, but they should.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to keep your partner’s interest undiminished, to make him ask for it every time you go to bed as if there is no tomorrow and he has no eyes for another, all you have to do is read a few little secrets about this art!

Since a large percentage of men associate oral sex with happiness in a relationship, you should first realize that it is an erotic act that offers pleasure to both. Never see it as a chore or as a job and of course never show him that you are impatient and you are in a difficult position. On the contrary, you have to make him understand in every way, that the mouth is something you really want to spark his imagination and at the same time to dominate him.

Learn to coordinate the movements of your mouth with the rest of the body

Put your hands in the game to convey as many irritating vibes as possible to him and try to stare at him, with a look full of promises of what will follow.

Do not skimp on the time you spend down there, because every man wishes oral sex could last forever! We are not talking about a marathon, but with the right technique you will make it look like eternity. The secret is the changes in the rhythm and the movements of your mouth and hands. Pay attention to his reactions and focus on the signs that indicate he is heading for ejaculation. Reduce speed with sensuality where he does not expect it to “cut” the moment he has taken, to relax him and take him off in the next second.

Take care of the proper hydration of the area, otherwise you may cause him pain. It may not seem like an attractive idea, but everyone likes it, especially when it extends along the genitals.

This will tell you not to be silent during the act. Show him your enthusiasm and passion, express yourself freely, in order to increase his libido. Functional and very effective. You can even stop what you are doing for a few seconds, look him in the eye and remind him how much you enjoy it, doing a little dirty talk.

Is it possible to be the first to find a marathon without having done a good warm-up? Most things in life require a good preparation.

The same with good sex. And warming up in sex is nothing more than the famous foreplay. The result will surprise both your partner and you.

We are used to saying that men are bored with the foreplay. And yet, women avoid them too.

The reason; They may be reluctant to go to bed for fear that if they make those first moves, their husband will misunderstand them.

Many times, however, they believe that having an erection is enough for a man. They are wrong.

The fact that a man has an erection does not necessarily mean that he has said good things in a romantic atmosphere. It takes a series of preliminaries to stimulate our partner psychologically as well.

Lay him face down

After giving him a light massage, caress the waist area above the buttocks. Climb up this area. Lie lightly on it and rub your clit on its skin. You will be very excited too!

Friction at this point also stimulates the nerves in the genital area. It’s best for preparing for intercourse.

Caress and gently kiss the neck area and the area behind the ears

These are two very sensitive areas in a man’s body whose stimulation causes great pleasure. Be tender in your actions and bold in your words.

Dare to have vulgar conversations

Set yourself free, forget the taboos and get rid of any dirty thoughts that come to your mind at that moment. These expressions are able to greatly increase testosterone levels in men, some sex therapists claim.

Try an alternative

Irritate the area behind the testicles. It is an area that women neglect, and yet there are several nerve endings. Highly experienced women know that the prostate is hidden under this area. With gentle massages they can irritate the wider area. These movements are very stimulating for the man.

Dare to do things you have never tried before or go back to basics

Genital massage, a practice that couples use at a very young age, continues to be an excellent preliminary. Get in the bathtub together. Try to soap his body, relaxing him.

Then, with your hands, start playing with the genitals. Apply a bubble bath to make the massage more enjoyable. Make slow movements from the bottom up.

Irritate the torso of the penis and reach the top. Continue increasing the volume. When you realize that he has been aroused enough, leave yourself on the road to intercourse.


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