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How I Found Susie’s Style on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

How I Found Susie’s Style on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Contrary to well known belief, Susie Essman is nothing at all like her Suppress Your Enthusiasm character (who, not-so-coincidentally, is also named Susie). Equal parts brash and outspoken, with a penchant for lousy-mouthing Larry David, Susie Greene has graduated from supporting character to lover preferred over the display’s 21 several years in existence, not the …

Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale Just Started. Here’s What To Buy.

Nordstrom's Black Friday Sale Just Started. Here's What To Buy.

Valentina FrugiueleGetty Images For anyone who’s been waiting with bated breath for Black Friday sales, we have good news and it involves the department store you’ve loved since middle school, Nordstrom. Demonstrating for the umpteenth time why the retailer’s sales have such a cult following, Nordstrom’s Black Friday deals this year include over 17,500 women’s …