11 advices for your home renovation

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When your house is being remodelled by an expert like Montclair Painting or you are running your own renovation project yourself, it is a good idea to read our 11 advices for your home renovation that are meant to put you in the mind of a builder, so you can see things. from his own point of view. Montclair painting handles for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and home renovation services and has trustworthy workers for each service.

The actions you take in a renovation are just as important as the ones you do not do, and sometimes these actions negatively affect the work as a whole. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of ​​what actions you need to take, which will negatively affect the progress of the work.

11 advices for your home renovation by Montclair Painting

1. Do not delay in making decisions

If you want your home remodeling to go smoothly, every decision must be made before work can begin. A manufacturer can guide you in making decisions. But the final decisions will be made by you.

The biggest delays are observed in decision making, especially in large-scale changes, as well as in details, such as the choice of colors. Delay in a decision can upset the schedule of other craftsmen who in turn will postpone their work for another day.

2. Do not change your mind too often

Although a change of opinion on a job is considered inevitable, you should know that whenever you change your mind it will cost you either time or money. Keep in mind that anyone working on the renovation should be informed of any changes. Everyone makes changes during the renovation just try to be as few as possible.

3. Do not buy materials yourself

It seems like an obvious way to save money as many people think that craftsmen to the purchase prices of materials in order to get something more out of you. This is often true but usually craftsmen are given special prices by material traders, to which adding something more substantial to you comes at the same price as if you were buying it yourself. So the only thing you can do is to bother looking for and transporting materials without any benefit.

4. Do not do messy jobs

Listen to the experienced workers and do not aim only at beautification. If, for example, when renovating the bathroom, in addition to changing the tiles that are the visible part of the renovation, you are suggested to change the pipes due to age, do not hesitate to the technician’s suggestion. This decision will save you from future hassle and extra costs.

5. Do not start renovation without security fund

If during the renovation work you realize that you are out of budget do not make noise. It is almost impossible for the initial cost estimate to coincide with the final renovation cost. Follow the number 1 rule of renovation which is to make all the decisions before starting work. In this way and in combination with a good manufacturer you can complete the project with an increase of 5-10%.

6. Keep children and pets away

Keep children and pets away from the house during renovations. On the one hand, no technician wants them on their “feet” and on the other hand, they are not considered safe.

7. Do not live in the renovated house

Most people are unaware of this rule. Renovation costs money, and a possible move will add extra cost to the project. Plan some kind of mini vacation during work. A home that is being rebuilt is not the right environment for the one who returns tired from work or for the children who return from school.

8. Do not employ workers

It may sound harsh but keep in mind that every time you talk to a craftsman your conversation takes time away from the work the craftsman does at home. If your conversation will positively affect the outcome then it’s fine. Leave football and political discussions until after the work is completed.

9. Find what fits in your home

Although some can and do wear sneakers with a suit, this does not mean that they fit. So at home, the right combinations count. Know your needs, see what suits your home and your taste in general before lifting the sledgehammer (demolition hammer).

10. Do not start without a technical plan

Some renovations need an engineer and others a decorator or just a talented construction contractor. In any case, do not start without a technical plan. Many elements of the house work in combination with the space. Make a plan for everything before starting your home renovation.

11. Consider creating new spaces

Montclair Roofers can separate the larger rooms of our house by creating new walls and doors. If your house is small again, a good solution is to use sliding doors to save space. In modern decoration, in fact, we see instead of walls, furniture as partitions. An elegant and practical solution here is the use of a library, where it also functions as a decorative element, where we can decorate it with objects such as photo frames, but also as a practical tool where we place our books.

The use of levels in a house or in a room offers a kind of separation of space. This means that you can now take advantage of the height of the space of your home. In other words, you can create various elevated sections and have the ability to use the spaces below these levels as storage.

So, depending on the characteristics of your house, you think about how you could, through the renovation, make it even more functional, in order to facilitate your daily life. In any case, do not hesitate to seek the opinion of experienced technicians like Gikas who can suggest you various smart solutions according to the style and the layout of your home.

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